Ode to the Meuse Cycle Route Lomm - Blitterswijck

Archeologische belevingsroute Lomm-Blitterswijck

Cycle route

Length: 36 km. This route can be cycled between April and October. Along the Meuse in Limburg, many archaeological discoveries were made during the Meuse Works. This route between Lomm and Blitterswijck tells about the importance of the Meuse to this part of Limburg. Along the way you can listen to stories about the influence of the Maas, you will discover stories behind the archaeological finds and you will be informed about interesting facts. All this in an environment of beautiful nature and a diversity of culture. And on the way you can stop at various places to enjoy Burgundian Limburg.

The route follows the junction system and is therefore easy to cycle. It is fully included in the Archeo Route Limburg 2.0 app. Download the app on your phone. After starting the app, choose routes in the menu. There you will find this route. 

You can start the cycle route at any point on the route. If you choose to navigate in the Archeo Route Limburg app, you will be guided to the nearest location. There you start the route clockwise. 

You can cycle the route with your smartphone in your pocket. At places where there is something going on, an acoustic signal and often also a spoken warning will alert you. Then stop and experience, listen to or view the importance of that location. 
Of course, you can also cycle the route with a smartphone holder on your handlebars. Then you can see exactly where you are on the route and you can see in advance where you have to stop to experience something. 
Via the info button, you will always find the junctions to follow.


  • Install the Archeo Route Limburg 2.0 app in advance and go to routes in the menu.
  • Make sure your battery is full and take a charger with you.
  • Make sure your location and sound are on
  • This route makes use of a bicycle ferry. This ferry only sails in the months from April to October. Bring cash for the ferry.
  • Mind your own safety at the exit points.

Information brochure

There is a brochure with 5 cycling routes around the theme Archaeology and the Meuse. These are the cycle routes Maastricht-Elsloo, Roermond-Beegden, Roermond-Neer, Lomm-Blitterswijck and Blitterswijck-Aijen.

Archeo Route Limburg locations

On the way, you will arrive at various Archeo Route Limburg locations. Here you will stand eye-to-eye with our virtual archaeologist and discover via augmented reality or 3D the secrets of the place that until now have remained hidden underground.

Ode to the Meuse - the Limburg Meuse Works

This route was created thanks to excavations at the Maas Works in Limburg. More information about the Ode to the Meuse, including all locations and routes.

Indication of the route

You can use our route planner to view the route. In the route planner, click on the see and do button below the map. Then tick Archaeological sites. You will then see the locations of archaeological sites on the route. However, use the route in the Archeo Route Limburg app to cycle it. 

During the route you will pass the villages Wellerlooi, Arcen and Lomm on the east side of the river Maas. On the west side you will cycle through Lottum, Broekhuizen, Broekhuizenvorst, Ooyen and Blitterswijck. You cross the Meuse twice, once with a bicycle ferry. On the way, you will pass a lot of nature, including Maaspark Ooyen-Wanssum and country estate De Hamert. You will also discover many places of interest and follow the river Maas in many places. Moreover, there are many opportunities to enjoy Burgundian Limburg along the way.

The cycle route Lomm-Blitterswijck is an interesting and educational experience for young and old. 

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Route: 35-50 km.
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Places of interest
Places of interest