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Paddle boarding

Being active together in beautiful surroundings. Whether you want to do an activity with your family, friends, colleagues or classmates, Just Be Fit Outdoor will provide a suitable program that meets your needs. We can also make the day complete with food and beverage arrangements. Take a look at the fun group activities Just Be Fit Outdoor has to offer at www.justbefit-outdoor.nl.


In groups of 3-6 persons (total up to 30 persons possible) you play the ball with your foot along the 13 holes which are spread over the sports park and forest area. Goal of the game is to put the soccer in the 13 holes with as few "kicks" as possible. 


An active training of one hour in the open air, where boundaries are pushed and through teamwork personal goals are achieved with regard to improving condition, strength and endurance.

Outdoor Yoga

Experience Yoga in the great outdoors. Just Be Fit Outdoor organizes Yoga classes for adults or children or a combination of both, for example during a family day. The following forms of Yoga are offered: Vinyasa Yoga (Yang), Yin Yoga, Parent & Child Yoga, Children's Yoga.  

Canoe trip

You go canoeing in a large stable Canadian canoe over the Groote Molenbeek (6 km or even longer). 


Enjoy nature in a relaxed way by going for a ride on the Groote Molenbeek in and around Wanssum. 


Most activities take place at sports park de Meulebèèk in Wanssum and in the forest behind it. The canoe trips start in Tienray and end in Wanssum. Car and bicycle parking facilities are plentiful. 


Footgolf: 13 holes on a diverse terrain, guaranteed 1.5-2 hours of fun
5-10 persons: €10,00 p.p.
11-20 persons: €9,00 p.p.
21-30 people: €8.00 p.p.

Bootcamp (5-10 persons): Bootcamp clinic of +/- 1 hour
5-10 persons: €10,- p.p.
10-20 persons: €8,- p.p.
Yoga: Rates on request
Canoeing (5-30 persons) €15,- p.p.
Renting a SUP-board €15,- per hour per board.


The distances mentioned below are the distances from the location above.