Roerdalen in Limburg

Discover happiness in Roerdalen

In the municipality of Roerdalen, it's all about happiness. Being happy, don't we all want that? In Roerdalen, you will find Happiness Places. Places that make residents and visitors to the municipality happy. Whether in the beautiful countryside or together with friends and family. This is where you become aware of your own happiness. Be surprised by these beautiful places brimming with happiness and discover the unique landscape of National Park De Meinweg. Discover these hidden pearls and arrive at beautiful views. Would you rather experience this by bike, on horseback, on the water with a canoe or with the Geluksexpres? It's possible in the municipality of Roerdalen! You will be surprised by the rich history this municipality has, including ruins, mills, castles and beautiful nature.

Day trips in Roerdalen

Have fun on a trip to Roerdalen. There is plenty to do and experience in this beautiful municipality. Discover hidden pearls, or Roerdalen's Places of Happiness and be surprised by all the beautiful things there are to see. Also keep an eye on the events calendar for all events in the area.

The Places of Happiness in Roerdalen

Aerwinkel castle with blossom in the foreground

Nature in Roerdalen

Roerdalen is surrounded by nature. The largest area is the cross-border National Park De Meinweg. This park is surrounded on three sides by Germany and has a unique terraced landscape. There are all kinds of routes plotted through the Meinweg. Excursions and activities are also organised. The IVN guides will be happy to show you the biodiversity, for example.

National Park De Meinweg

Woman, child and dog relaxing at the water in the municipality of Roerdalen

Cycling in Roerdalen

With its beautiful nature and many places of interest, the municipality of Roerdalen is a more than an excellent place for cycling. The large network of hiking and cycling nodes takes you past castles, through forest areas and along the Places of Happiness that can be found throughout the municipality. You can use the route planner to create your own cycling route or choose one of the most beautiful cycling routes that excists.

Cycling routes in Roerdalen

Cycling along Aerwinkel Castle

Hiking in Roerdalen

Like cycling, hiking in the municipality of Roerdalen is also a great activity to do. An extensive junction network allows you to create your own beautiful hiking routes along the various sights you want to see. Besides composing your own hike, there are also numerous marked hiking routes that take you through the varied landscape of Roerdalen and National Park De Meinweg. Furthermore, there are various equestrian routes, car and motorbike routes and mountain bike routes in the municipality of Roerdalen. 

Hiking routes in Roerdalen

Family is hiking in National Park de Meinweg

Food and drinks

Eating out in Roerdalen means enjoying Burgundy. The municipality hosts many good restaurants and lunchrooms with great food. People here like to use local products. This means that your meal will always be fresh. For a refreshing ice cream or drink, Roerdalen is also the right place to be.

Restaurants and lunchrooms

Couple toasting with wine before dinner

Overnight stay

Roerdalen has a wide range of accommodations. Are you looking for luxury? Then choose one of the hotels. If you like being outdoors, you can also choose a nice campsite. You can be as minimalistic or grandiose as you like. Municipality Roerdalen has a great place to stay for every holidaymaker.

Staying overnight in Roerdalen

Romantik hotel castle Daelenbroeck