Nature in Limburg

Natuur in Roermond waar de boterbloemen in bloei staan

Unique and varied nature

In the heart of Limburg, you will find a lot of beautiful and varied nature. There are 3 National Parks, each with their own characteristic flora and fauna, where you can walk and cycle to your heart's content. It is also a water-rich area. Brooks and rivers have shaped the landscape and central in the region are the Maasplassen, the largest continuous water sports area in the Netherlands. Nature in Limburg literally knows no borders. For instance, there are several transnational parks where you cross national borders if you take a walk there. This beautiful and unique nature ensures that you will be short of eyes and ears during your visit to one of the greenest regions in the Netherlands.

The Big Five of Limburg

Limburg has many surprising pearls and beautiful natural areas. The five must-see highlights are what we call the Big Five of Limburg. These areas are beautiful in every season. You don't need filters to take breathtaking photos here. Go on safari in the Netherlands and discover the Big Five of Limburg! 

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Sun rises in nature reserve The Leudal, one of the Big Five

National Parks

Limburg is home to three National Parks: the Meinweg, the Groote Peel and the Maasduinen. The parks have special features. The Meinweg, for example, is the only area in Limburg where the viper occurs. And the Groote Peel, for instance, is known for its many bird species and special history of peat extraction.

Via the network of junctions, you can easily plan the nicest walking routes, cycling routes and bridle paths in the National Parks. Plan your own route through the National Parks here.

The sun rises over an icy National Park de Meinweg

Nature reserves

Besides the National Parks and the Big Five, there are many other beautiful and unique nature reserves in the heart of Limburg that you can visit. Some larger than others but each with its own unique flora and fauna that you really must have seen. Walk or cycle through the areas and stop to admire the beautiful nature. Whether it's winter or heart of summer, the nature reserves are more than worth a visit.

Nature reserves in Limburg

Scottish Highlander looks into camera as reflection can be seen in a mud puddle

Transnational nature reserves

Nature in Limburg knows no borders. Grenspark Kempen~Broek stretches far beyond the Belgian border near Weert. It is characterised by a varied landscape consisting of several adjoining parts, each exuding its own atmosphere. Also in Belgium and the Netherlands lies the Rivierpark Maasvallei (River Park). As the name suggests, the nature in this area was formed centuries ago by the flow of the river the Meuse. At the very other side of the heart of Limburg is the Maas Swalm Nette nature reserve. From Roermond and Beesel, this area connects the Netherlands with Germany. Discover the culture, nature and landscape of the German-Dutch Border Park.

National Park De Meinweg shrouded in a morning mist at sunrise

Parks & Gardens

The Heart of Limburg is a region with beautiful parks and gardens that are definitely worth visiting. Here you will find several parks and gardens with different themes and styles, such as castle gardens, botanical gardens and landscape parks. They are perfect places for a walk, picnic or just to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. Whether admiring colourful flowers, exploring historic castles or spotting wildlife, the parks and gardens offer something for everyone.

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Fence overgrown with moss in Beegderheide nature reserve

Wildlife spotting

If you keep your eyes and ears open and have a good dose of patience and luck, you might just bump into a wild animal. Nature in Limburg is rich in a variety of food sources, so animal life thrives in Limburg's nature reserves. Be quiet and do not go out into nature during busy periods and who knows, you might spot a red deer, a buzzard or a fox during your trip through nature in Limburg!

Wildlife spotting in Limburg

Fox looks straight into the camera

Visitor centres

Visitor centres are essential places to visit for anyone interested in nature and its conservation. These centres offer not only information about the nature reserve and its inhabitants, but also educational programmes and activities for visitors of all ages. Most visitor centres are in beautiful locations, making them the perfect base for exploring the surrounding nature reserve. 

Visitor centres in the Heart of Limburg

Buitencentrum De Pelen, the visitor centre of National Park De Groote peel