Picknickservice 't Pioniersmegje

Catering Venray e.o.: Picknickservice 't Pioniersmegje
Peter Janssenweg 34
5813 BR


Take away-delivery

Regional Products

Enjoy a picnic box full of local delicacies from the Peel and the Limburg countryside: that is possible at Picknickservice 't Pioniersmegje from Ysselsteyn.

Owner Marian has put together a beautiful box with the most delicious local and regional products: including an entertaining story from the suppliers themselves. Forget the time, enjoy each other and the environment.
Marian has a number of beautiful places in nature in store for you. And if the weather is disappointing, there is always a choice for a beautiful indoor location. Or how about a delicious breakfast at home with a warm blanket?