Nature Walk: Heibloem

Wandelroute Knopen Lopen Heibloem
Sint Isidoorstraat 34
6089 NG
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Length: 14.4 km. Admittedly, the relatively young village of Heibloem will not soon be given the title of 'cultural capital'. For that you should not go to this village in Central Limburg. However, Heibloem is almost entirely surrounded by beautiful nature. Those looking for peace and quiet and nature lovers will find what they are looking for on this walk of over 13 kilometers.

You start this tour at the Knopen Lopen start sign near junction 60 (opposite St. Isidoorstraat 34). You go in the direction of junction 50, cross the busy provincial road and walk across the grounds of boarding school de Widdonck.

Please note: some parts of the route may be marshy after a long period of rain. So go out with sturdy footwear.

The Widdonk
On the site of the former boarding school De Widdonck there are two institutions that offer help to children and young adults who could use some support in their development or who have a disturbed relationship with their parents.
This is a small remnant of a much larger complex. In the middle of the 19th century, the St. Aloysius institution was built here. This institution was the actual predecessor of De Widdonck. On the information board against the case of an old building that passes, you can read more about this.

You walk along the Gesseltweg, between the fields, to the green edges of the woods on the edge of the village. In a few places you see the red and white markings of the Peellandpad, a long distance path from Roermond to Den Bosch.

After crossing the road to Panningen, the trail goes through the Waterflower area. Until recently, this forest was a production forest with mainly pine trees. By selectively cutting down the vegetation, a much more varied vegetation now comes into being.

In some places the path is a bit bumpy. Wild boar have been looking for tasty snacks here and don't be surprised if a roe deer suddenly crosses your path.
On the banks of the Roggelse Beek, deep in the forest, stands a crucifix. There are several stories about the reason for placing the cross. It is said that someone was struck by lightning or a hunter died in a hunting accident on that spot. In the same stream, beavers regularly build dams to keep their habitat wet.

Along the Noordervaart
You are going for a short visit to the area of Peel and Maas. To do this you follow the road to Meijel until you reach the Noordervaart and take the bike path to the west at the canal.

The construction of the canal was started by Napoleon at the beginning of the 19th century as a navigation link between Schelde, Maas and Rhine. However, when "Holland" became part of France in 1810 this connection was no longer important and the work was stopped. For, among other things, the removal of peat the canal was made navigable in 1853 until Beringe.

Through an opening in the reed belt you often see a few stately swans gliding peacefully through the water. At the place where the route network of Nederweert connects with that of Leudal, you turn sharply to the left to return along the edge of the forest to Heibloem.

As said, little culture but a lot of varied forest and traces of swines, beavers, foxes... And maybe you will be lucky enough to spot that roe deer!

Route: 10-20 km.
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