Horseback riding

in Limburg

Paardrijden ruiters door het water

An outdoor ride with your horse in Limburg

In Limburg almost all municipalities have constructed a bridle and mating network. This way you can easily create your own route and make a nice ride with your horse over special bridleways.

Cross-border bridleways

Germany and Belgium are easily accessible on horseback via Natuurpark Maas-Swalm-Nette, Nationaal Park de Meinweg and Grenspark Kempen~Broek. In order to ride in Germany on the countryside or in the forest a so-called 'Reitkennzeichen' is required. 

Equestrian route planner

You can create your own riding route or use the beautiful existing riding routes in Limburg via the ruiterrouteplanner. Would you like to know more about riding in Limburg? Check the website of Paardrijden Limburg .