Wandelroute Knopenlopen: Laarzenpad Caselse Vennen

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3.8 km Put on your boots or waterproof walking shoes for this Nature Walk through the Caselse Vennen.

The history of the walk

The state-owned nature reserve De Castenrayse Vennen is a beautiful pocket forest area in the Lollebeek catchment area. Since the land consolidation 'Lollebeek' in 1969, the nature reserve has been owned by Staatsbosbeheer. In the past, peat was cut and dredged in the area. People also collected 'schânse' there to stoke the fire under the sop boiler. The faggots were also sold to bakers from the Horst/Venray region. They used them to heat their ovens. For most, however, the area remains remembered as skating waters. On winter days, hundreds of skating enthusiasts from all over the region went to the beautiful ice rinks. At the access road to the area, a work of art of a skating rider was placed in 2010.

The adventure hiking trail, created in 1997, runs largely over former bog tracks and wooded banks. The route has incomparably beautiful spots with unique vegetation and leads past old peat pits and through higher, sparse grassland, where Scottish Highlanders graze. It is a natural and adventurous route that is not suitable for people with mobility problems. During the hike, obstacles such as fallen trees sometimes have to be overcome. Certain parts of the route can also be very swampy, so wearing boots is highly recommended. During the winter period, the water in the area can be so high that parts of the footpath are submerged, making the route sometimes difficult to walk without a guide.

Parking: You can park your car for free in the village centre

Route: <5 km.
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