Special overnight stays in Limburg

Castle Limburg nature

Special places to stay overnight

Are you planning to stay overnight in Limburg, but are not looking for one of the "regular" B&Bs, hotels, or campsites? Then this page is the place to be! We have listed the really special places to stay for you. These locations are just that little bit different and have just that little bit more to offer than the 'regular' locations. Enjoy the most special locations to sleep.


Sleep in a castle, among cows, in a yurt or on a raft.

Have you always wanted to spend a luxurious night in a castle or country house, just like a real prince or princess? Then choose a (few) night(s) at one of the castles in Limburg. Are you more in search of adventure? Then choose a night on the water, on a real camping raft, spend the night in a yurt or go out in a Landrover where you can spend the night.  Are you looking for exciting stories? Then choose an overnight stay in an old prison. Or choose a real country experience and spend the night among the cows.