Sailing route planner in Limburg

This sailing route planner consists of sailing routes on the Maas and Maas lakes. On both waters you can enjoy boating and nature. Would you like to make a route? Then choose from the possible sailing routes on the Maasplassen. If you want more information in advance, go to the sailing routes in Limburg.

Using the sailing route planner

Use of the most beautiful sailing routes

Click on the tab The most beautiful route.

You can now choose to have the Points-Of-Interests appear on the map. To do so, choose one of the buttons below the map. (E.g. See and do - Sightseeing)

Click on the red dot of your choice. This opens an information window about the route. By zooming in, you can see if more routes start from the same starting point.

The button open gives you a total overview of the route. The Close button allows you to choose a different route.

Then choose one of the options, to determine what you want to do with the composed route.

If you choose to e-mail the link of the route, you will receive an e-mail from a no-reply mail address. Depending on the settings of your spam filter, it may also occasionally arrive in your junk mail.

NB: if you have chosen a route, both buttons will no longer appear at the top of the screen.