Casle Beer from Kessel

Casle Bier
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5995 BB
The four different flavours of Casle Beer from Kessel
Keverberg castle in Kessel

Regional Products

After 100 years, Kessel and the region have their own beer again: Casle Beer.

Casle Beer

Around 1900, various small breweries were active in the current municipality of Peel en Maas. Over time, all had to close their doors for various reasons. In 2018, the idea arose to restore its own beer for Kessel and the region. After much experimentation it worked; every reason to launch Casle Bier with a number of beer styles indicated in their own regional language.

A dreamy, regional beer

The Casle beer range has four accessible special beers that are highly appreciated: Blondj, Triepel, Weitze and Döbbel. Have you ever tried these special regional beers?

Also order Casle Beer online

You can easily order these delicious regional beers  on the website of Casle Bier.