Riding route Maaspark Ooijen-Wanssum

Ruiterroute Maaspark Ooijen-Wanssum
Geijsterseweg 12b
5861 BL

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Horse and carriage route

The Maaspark Ooijen-Wanssum equestrian route has a length of 22 km. This recently developed nature reserve has much to offer to the rider.



Beautiful nature

With 540 hectares, Maaspark Ooijen-Wanssum is the largest contiguous area of Maas nature in North Limburg. In this area, the original Maasterrassen landscape is central and the influence of water is noticeable everywhere. The ancient river courses of the Maas have created streams, marshy forests and groundwater layers with an exceptional ecological wealth.

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Area of natural beauty
Area of natural beauty
Area of natural beauty