Riding Route #LimburgsePeel By forest & heath

Stal Joabel
Boabelweg 10
5866 AP
Longhorn Swolgense Heide
Rider through the forest
Start location equestrian trail Forest and Heath

Horse riding trails

17.2 Km. Looking for an adventurous equestrian route through the Limburgse Peel? Then this ride is absolutely for you! Start - and end location stable Joabel in Swolgen.

Explore 't Sohr en Tienray

This nature reserve is a unique combination of forests full of fragrant conifers, stretches of heathland and gently sloping trails. As a result, you can enjoy an unforgettable ride through nature.

Meet the Scottish Highlanders who graze in this area, and maybe stop by the special church cave in Tienray, also called "Little Lourdes." The route runs through nature reserve 't Sohr, which is part of the larger Maaspark Ooijen-Wanssum Nature Park.

Route: 10-20 km.
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Area of natural beauty
Area of natural beauty
Area of natural beauty