Overloon War Cemetery

Overloon War Cemetery
Vierlingsbeeksweg 57
5825 AT

Places of interest

Overloon War Cemetery is a British field of honor on the Vierlingsbeekseweg in the town of Overloon. The cemetery was designed by Philip Hepworth.

The graves are divided into 4 sections (numbered 1 to 4) with in each section 7 rows (A to E) of 14 graves each. There are 280 graves of which 265 are soldiers and 14 airmen of the British Commonwealth and one Dutchman. Most of the dead on this plot were killed during the heavy fighting of the British Second Army in the period October-November 1944; the region south and west of the Maas was then liberated from the Germans. The Battle of Overloon, a ten-day long tank battle, took place then. More information about it can be found in the nearby War Museum Overloon. The cemetery contains, as usual on Commonwealth war cemeteries, a memorial cross (Cross of Sacrifice) designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield. It is made of natural stone, and has a bronze sword on it. Discover a bit of history here.


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