Nature walk: Ommetje spraland forest/ village walk

Ommetje Spraland
Stationsweg 152
5807 AD

Walking/hiking routes

Length: 7.4 km. Ommetje Spraland is a beautiful walking route that takes you through the Boshuizerbergen, the Geijsterse bossen and the centre of Oostrum via the walking junctions.

In the middle of these woods, at junction 11, you will find the Rosmolen. This is an old, still functioning watermill on the Oostrumse-beek. You can deviate from the route from node 10 in the direction of node 11.

The walk largely crosses the territory of the former Spraland estate and passes by the unique Trans Cedron Way of the Cross Park. This Way of the Cross Park, a national monument with 14 statues, depicts the Passion of Jesus.

Through the centre of Oostrum you will return to the starting point of this walking route.

Parking: At Venray Station in Oostrum

Places of interest along this route:
Zuiderbergweg, Venray
De Rosmolen, Oostrum
Meijerlaan 52, Oostrum

Route: 5-10 km.
Numbered junction network route
Route from A to A


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