Nature walk: Landgoed Geijsteren

Landgoed Geijsteren
Oostrumseweg 34
5864 AP

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This walk takes you through the Landgoed Geijsteren, owned since 1806 by the noble family de Weichs de Wenne. Beautiful woods, stately avenues and some lovely fens. The route is mainly unpaved, in rainy times it is advisable to wear good walking shoes. During or after the walk, a cup of coffee at the café 't Trefpunt (turn right at junction 28) is highly recommended.

This route can be walked in 4 distances. The left loop is a round trip of about 9 km. At junction 25 you walk back to the starting point number 20. But you can also walk a route of 6 or 4 km. See the route map for the abbreviations. The map is for sale at the VVV shop in Venray.

You can read a nice article about this route in De Telegraaf Reiskrant of 3 January 2015. 

The walk starts at the old football field on the Oostrumseweg in Geijsteren. Here is a car park and there is a large information board about the route. To the right of this sign you will see the first route pole with number 20 on top. Take this path in the direction of junction 21, you are now on the route.

The Geijsteren estate consists of beautiful nature reserves and farms with fields and meadows. The beautiful Oostrumse Molenbeek stream crosses the estate. The houses that belong to the estate are clearly recognisable by the heraldic colours black and white in the shutters and doors of the farms of Landgoed Geijsteren. The total area of the estate is about 700 hectares. Sights on the estate include the St. Willibrordus Chapel (dating from 1680) and the Rosmolen, a former water mill farm.

n the centre of the village of Geijsteren there are several farmhouses, which have been converted into residences. At junction 27 you will find the ruins of the castle of Geijsteren, which was bombed by the English at the end of the Second World War to prevent the expelled Germans from using the castle again as a look-out post. The ruins of the castle have been restored in recent years and you are welcome to visit. The gate is open daily until 17.00.

Parking: Parking is available near the starting point/ junction 20

Places of interest along this route:
Listening place 201 - Persevere to the last man       Maasheezeweg 2, Geijsteren
Castle ruin Geijsteren                                                            Maasheezeweg, Geijsteren
St. Willibrordus Chapel                                                         St. Wilbertsweg, Geijsteren
Rosmolen                                                                                    De Rosmolen, Oostrum
Langoed Geijsteren                                                               De Rosmolen, Geijsteren
Boshuizenbergen                                                                    Zuiderbergweg, Venray

Route: 5-10 km.
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