Limburgse Vlaai

One of the most famous typical Limburg dishes is the Limburgse vlaai (flan). Because whoever says Limburg, says vlaai!

Flan and other Limburgish pastries

It is well known that the Limburgers love flan. Wil and Netty Engels-Geurts took the 'vlaaigekte' to an even higher level. They wrote a book full of baking recipes for 38 Limburg flans and 25 other types of pastry, from stoet to nonnevot. 

Win the book 'Vlaai en andere Limburgs gebak'

Post your most beautiful flan photos on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #vlaaiinlimburg and stand a chance of winning the book 'Vlaai en andere Limburgs gebak' by Wil and Netty Engels-Geurts.

Bake your own flan

Fancy getting started in the kitchen yourself? Then take a look at this delicious recipe for real lentil flan.