Large Hiking Tour Oirlo

Centre of Oirlo
Hoofdstraat 21c
5808 AR
During the Large Hiking Tour Oirlo you will pass through the village centre of Oirlo
A beautiful rural house located along the Large Hiking Tour Oirlo
Signpost in the village of Oirlo

Walking/hiking routes

The Large Hiking Tour Oirlo takes you through the village and rural area of Oirlo. Oirlo is a green agricultural area bordered by the Oostrumsebeek in the north and the Groote Molenbeek in the south.

The Large Hiking Tour Oirlo starts in the centre of the village where you will find the St Gertrudis church dating from 1300 and a historic boundary stone.

The hiking route takes you further in and around the village, including some houses from the '10s, '20s and '30s of the 20th century, built in the style of traditionalism. A bit off the route you will find the St. Anna Chapel and the former convent Maria Regina. This convent now has the name Oeldershof.

This route runs along the outer limits of Oirlo from the northern neighbouring village of Oostrum to southern Castenray.


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