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Take a 25 Km walk on the 'Path to Freedom' through Venray and nearby areas. Discover 8 special places that remind us of WWII, like Listening Points from Liberation Route Europe and 'Stolpersteine'. Tip: Visit the War Museum in Overloon.

The 'Path to Freedom' walk takes you on a journey through Venray's past and its surroundings. Along the way, you'll find 8 memorable spots that shed light on the impact of WWII on this region.

You'll encounter various 'Vectors of Memory' along the route, symbolizing the lasting remembrance of this period. Listen to moving stories at the Listening Points of Liberation Route Europe, available through the free app, and discover the 'Stolpersteine' commemorating victims of the Nazi regime.

You can also visit the War Museum Overloon during the walk.

NOTE! Parts of the walking route may be muddy, so consider the footwear you're wearing.

Route: 25-35 km.
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