Exposition 40-45

Expositie 40-45
Veerweg 14
5863 AR

Places of interest

This small war museum is housed in an old farmhouse, which was located in the front area on the Meuse River during the war years, both in May 1940 and from November 1944 to March 1945.

40 years after the liberation of this area, this museum was opened with the cooperation of the municipality and a delegation of British war veterans. The aim is to give a short but clear overview of the most important events of the period 1933-1945 with the available materials. The still growing collection includes -in addition to many small objects and documents- about 40 fully equipped figures, among others placed in about 7 dioramas. One of the dioramas is the English observation post along the Meuse in 1944, as it was also located in the farm at the time. The museum is located the parental farm of the current owner and is entirely in private hands.


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