City walk: Ommetje Blitterswijck

Ommetje Blitterswijck
Plein 5
5863 AT
Mill Blitterswijck

Walking/hiking routes

Length: 4,7 km. This walking route takes you along the characteristic Maasdorp of Blitterswijck. You will walk partly through the centre of the village and its locations with a rich history. In the outlying area of Blitterswijck you will find splendid nature, with outlets of the Maas, wooded shifting dunes and the 't Sohr nature reserve.

The first mention of the Blitterswijck manor was around 1229. Some time after that, around 1400, the castle of Blitterswijck was built. This castle occupies an important place in the history of Blitterswijck. Over the centuries, various noble families have lived here. Since 1903, the castle has served as a monastery. The convent walls were built at the beginning of the last century by order of the French Slotzusters. Unfortunately, part of the wall had to give way due to the Mooder Maas Project. At the end of the Second World War, the castle was completely destroyed.

You can follow the walking route via the network of walking junctions. Near junction 5 you have the opportunity to wander through the 't Sohr nature reserve for a while, and then return to the walking route via junctions 6 and 21 at junction 23. Between junctions 24 and 4 you have a lovely view of the Meuse and its floodplains. At junction 4, it's good to stay at 'Tante Jet'. Near junction 3 is the Blotevoet path. This is great fun for children because you can literally walk on bare feet and there is a special section here for walking through the stream! From No. 3 towards No. 2, you walk for a large part along the old monastery wall, and from No. 2 towards No. 1 you walk past the entrance to the castle ruins and then past the Dutch Reformed Church.

If the distance of 4.7 km is not enough, you can extend the walk with a loop of 5.3 km. This walk will take you along the Meuse, and partly through the old Meuse arm and back over the new dike, back to Blitterswijck. This walk has beautiful panoramic views and runs via junctions 2, 32, 58 and 26. Having arrived at junction 2, you walk in the direction of junction 1 (Start-Finish). In total, you have then completed a walk of approx. 10 km.

Parking: On the square by the church

Sights along this route:
Ruined Castle, Maasweg 27 Blitterswijck 
Cycle ferry, Blitterswijck Wellerlooi, Veerweg 7, Blitterswijck
Monastery gate, Veerweg Blitterswijck
Reformed Church, Maasweg 27 Blitterswijck

Route: <5 km.
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