City walk: Honingraat blue

Honingraat blue
Heidseweg 51
5812 AA

Walking/hiking routes

Length: 10 km. The Honingraat Blue hiking trail leads through the village of Heide and its surroundings. Via the hiking nodes you can walk a 10-kilometre route with a focus on agriculture.

The oldest written mention of Heide dates from the sixteenth century. At that time, Heide was not much more than a few farms in a remote area of Venray. There was nothing at all, no church, school or community centre. This remained so until the twentieth century.

In the twentieth century it started to develop into a real village, thanks to fifteen farmers. At the beginning of the twentieth century, they decided to work together and build a mill. From then on, a community arose in Heide. Nowadays, Heide consists of about 500 inhabitants.

Route: 5-10 km.
Numbered junction network route
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