Castle Ruin Blitterswijck

Kasteelruïne Blitterswijck
Kasteellaan 20
5863 EB

Places of interest

Kasteel Blitterswijck is a castle from the 14th century and was located near Blitterswijck in the municipality of Venray.

The castle of Blitterswijck was destroyed by acts of war at the end of World War II. Nowadays only a ruin remains. Near these ruins you can see an information board with a description of the castle. The castle ruins are now in the hands of the Sint-Antonius Abt Guild, based in Blitterswijck. This militia has established itself on the site of the castle ruins. In 2019, the marksmen restored the old castle gate. There are also ambitions to further excavate the castle and uncover finds.


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