Camping Beringerzand

Camping Beringerzand
Heide 5
5981 NX


Beringerzand Camp Site is an ANWB recognized camp site in Panningen with an indoor playground and more. And it never rains in Beringerbos, the indoor playground and swimming paradise at the Beringerzand Recreation Park in Limburg. The indoor playground with exciting climbing and scrambling equipment provides breathtaking fun. There is also an indoor and outdoor swimming pool.

One thing is for sure: nobody gets bored in the indoor playground at Beringerzand Camp Site.  The camping fields are spacious and well maintained and are equipped with playground equipment. There are mischievous for the youngest children, with a swing and a sandpit, but there are also exciting and adventurous climbing and clambering fields for the 13-year-olds.

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