Biketour: Within The Shadows of Time

Start point with a parking lot: OdaPark
Merseloseweg 119
5801 CC
Odapark Skelet

Cycle route

Length: 30 km.
Cycling route along three locations that are part of the exhibition: In the Shadow of Time. During this cycle route you are encouraged to think about the world we want to leave to future generations.

In the Shadow of Time

We are at an important point as a society, and it is good to think about what legacy we want to leave behind. But it is remarkable that as we contemplate the future, it is precisely the past that attracts our attention. The past is discussed, defended, examined and sometimes ignored from all sides. It is sometimes difficult to determine what was right or wrong because the past is not always black and white. It can be confusing to see that sometimes perpetrators and victims are the same people.

Recognition of gray areas

At the Odapark, the Ysselsteyn Military Cemetery and the Venrays Museum, we want to acknowledge and explore these gray areas of the past. On display here are works of art by international artists from different countries, such as Syria, Ukraine, Chechnya, the United States and Germany.

Cycle Route

This cycling route will take you through nature, history and art. Consider how complex our history is and how different perspectives can influence our understanding of it. Come along and be inspired by the significance of the past for our future.

Route: 25-35 km.


The distances mentioned below are the distances from the location above.