Restaurants In Limburg

Limburg has a rich culinary tradition and offers a wide range of establishments, from gourmet restaurants to cosy eateries, lunchrooms and bistros. Here you can enjoy the tastiest dishes together with family and friends and indulge like a true Burgundian.


Limburg and international cuisine

Whether you are looking for traditional Limburg cuisine or want to enjoy international dishes, there is something for every taste in Limburg. There are plenty of restaurants here serving dishes from different parts of the world, including Italian pasta, French classics, Asian fusion dishes and much more.

Exclusive restaurants

Besides casual eateries and restaurants, Limburg also offers a number of exclusive restaurants with one or more Michelin stars. Here you can enjoy culinary delights of the highest quality, prepared with the best ingredients from the region and beyond. All in all, Limburg offers a tasty and varied culinary experience not to be missed.